Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sewing and fun projects!

I have been all over the internet lately looking up fun projects and things to do with my scrap fabric. Since I got my sewing machine for Christmas I am seriously spoiled. Not to mention all the fabric my wonderful Mamaw gave me! I have a couple of friends that are pregnant so I was really interested in finding easy projects to make as gifts, only to find out that now I am pregnant and will probably need some of them myself! I wanted to share a few links of fun artsy/sewing projects plus a few maternity projects. If you don't need them, surely somebody you know may need them and it could be fun to pass it on or even make it for them!

Hope you enjoy some of these great ideas, and don't be afraid to Google anything you can buy from the store to see if someone out there has a tutorial for a DIY version! And definitely search the first link I have provided below. You can find tons of neat stuff there.

~ First, let me share ChildMade It such a fun site with tons of project ideas!!! You can probably go through page after page and find enough stuff to empty your craft box in a matter of minutes. Some of the things I have marked as a favorite for easy access are:

~ Burp cloths. A way to gift them beautifully, make your own unique ones, and spruce up the boring store bought ones! I have a box full of burp cloths from poor Jaiden, who had pretty bad reflux for about 7 months. What a fun way to dig them out and make them more cute!

~ Maternity belly band. Who wants to pay $10-$20 for something you could make with what you have in your fabric box or closet?!

~ Make your own crib skirt! I think this is such a neat idea to do your own bed clothes decorating rather than pay for an expensive bedding set. Simply make your bed skirt, buy a coordinating sheet, and even make your own comforter!

~ DIY Carseat covers! Here's another one. My baby is due in the dead of winter so this is a fantastic idea for the cold months. Jaiden was born in the summer so by the time the cold weather hit we were able to bundle her up in winter suits.

~ Scrap fabric headband. I have made several of these so far. It is so fun to dig in your scrap fabric and make a quick headband to match your clothes for the day. It literally takes me about 10 minutes to make one. And I just dig through my ribbon and button drawers to make a bow or pretty to go on it.

~ This is not part of the Childmade link (at least I didn't find it there) but wanted to share it anyway. Thrift store refashioned skirt to maternity skirt. This is just so easy! I have bought so many cute skirts and tops from Goodwill and consignment shops for next to nothing compared to those awful retail prices. With this project if you screw up you're not out that $30 clothing item you bought! I love thrift stores!!