Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Smoothie Packs!

As usual, Pinterest is awesome! This week I did a  DIY smoothie packs. Here's how I did it!

To make your own, this is what you'll need:

~ Yogurt (I bought a big tub of Kroger brand low-fat plain yogurt, $1.75)
~ Strawberries (out of season at $2.99... but you can buy them frozen if you prefer)
~ Kiwi (A 1lb pack was on sale for $1!)
~ Bananas, I used 2 (amazingly on sale at $.38/lb)
~ Any other fruits you want
~ Ziploc snack baggies
~ Muffin tin or ice cube trays
~ Milk or your favorite juice

Originally I think I used about 2-3 tbsp of yogurt scooped in to the muffin tins. When we tried it for the first time the yogurt was kind of overpowering. Granted we used plain and it can be a little more tart than flavored, but I was trying to go for less sugar. I might grab vanilla next time. If you use plain yogurt I advise to use less. I ended up breaking my frozen yogurt pieces to use smaller portions in the most recent taste test.

Slice up all your berries/fruits and lay them out on a cutting board. Put the muffin tin and cutting board of fruit in to the freezer and let them freeze up for an hour or so. You don't want to put unfrozen fruit in the bags or it'll freeze and stick together.

Pull everything out of the freezer. Start placing fruits in your snack baggies. I didn't make very big portions.


By the time you get all the fruits bagged up your yogurt should be thawed just enough to pop them out of the muffin tin with a fork or spoon. It really does thaw fast on its own so don't do anything to give it help. You can put the yogurt in to the bags with the fruit but for some odd reason I wasted bags and put the yogurt in to their own baggies.

I ended up with 9 bags of fruit! The first time, when I used the whole chunk of yogurt and my husband added way too much milk, we had a pretty good portion size. This time when I used less yogurt and a little bit of OJ (Mmmm pulp! I like to eat my OJ) we got about half a glass which was perfect for me.



I made my daughter the strawberry kiwi baggie and used a little less OJ than I did for mine and she got the cutest little portion for her in a mini Coke glass:


In total the DIY smoothie packs cost me about $7! That would be $.77 per smoothie :D

I see this being a big hit when the weather really warms up and more fruits come in to season!!


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  1. Such a great idea! We have a Magic Bullet knock off and the little baggie smoothies would be perfect for that. Stopping over from Wow Me Wednesday. -Kelly @ Semi Homemade Mom


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