Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Skirts I've Made: Part II

If you are reading this blog first, definitely go back and read Part I by clicking the link above. And if you have any questions about any of the skirts I've made, please feel free to leave a comment!

~ Here is my super low rise pair of jeans with the cute seam down the front of the leg plus knit strap summer shirt turned skirt. Sorry, that was a mouth full ;)  It also has a  DIY belly band turned waist band. These jeans were way too tight on me. I bought them and loved the style so for maybe a year I suffered through the constriction. Once I decided to take the skirt plunge with them I had to get rid of the waist and create my own so they would fit properly. I had made a few belly bands when I found out I was pregnant and once I lost the pregnancy I really had no need for them at the time so I went ahead and used one for this skirt. The gray is the band. I fold it down over the seams where I stitched the bottom of it to the jeans... not a very clean stitch but 4 layers of knit material plus jean material is not easy to sew through! The summer shirt was naturally tiered like a peasant skirt with elastic so it stretches to give this skirt a nice flow in the front and back.

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~ I liked this skirt because it was one of the easiest to make... it was already a skirt!! I ordered it online as a floor-length skirt but I way underestimated with a Sz5. I wore it several times but did not like the way it hugged my back side too tightly. I almost always wore it with a longer shirt that would hide the tightness a little. So I cut it way down and used an old sweater to create a similar waist band like I did in the above skirt. It is sewn to the skirt about 4 or so inches above the bottom of the sweater and the rest folds down. I also used a chunk of the sweater to patch a spot that came on the skirt to make it look rugged. Originally it sat lower on the skirt of course but once I cut it, it was way up on my thigh and I didn't really want thigh skin showing through so that was my fix.

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~ This is my favorite and most creative skirt IMO!! I made this skirt out of jeans and my mom's wedding dress from the 70's. Yep! I cut up her dress! She offered it to me to do whatever I wanted with it, so I took her up on the offer and snipped it all up. I used the bottom hem of her dress and wrapped it around the bottom of the skirt then wrapped it in to a rosette.

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~ I decided to do the wedding dress skirt again with the rest of the bottom hem material from my mom's dress, but this time I decided to make it much more neatly than the last time, take my time with it then post it to with the intent to sell! It is currently up on my Etsy shop, ModestGrace, now waiting for a buyer. There are more photos of it on Etsy so feel free to go check it out if it is still available!


I hope you enjoyed looking at my creations!

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