Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Future Front Door: Faux Wood Stain?!

I think I have discovered the coolest thing since sliced bread... OK maybe not THAT cool, but this is still incredibly awesome. 

We have an awful front door. Replacing it isn't in the budget, and while I'm thankful for the door we have because it does keep the weirdos out, it's like an apartment door or something. No window, completely plain from the inside with just a peep hole. It has trim on the outside to give it the paneled look but that's about it. 


With finger smudges. 

And Crayon marks.

Well, thanks to Rachael over at Lovely Crafty Home I now have a solution for my ugly door!  

Gel Stain?! Never heard of it! Minwax was cool when I found out about Polycrylic but now this!! Oooh Minwax, I love you and can't wait to try out your Gel Stain :) 

Here is another great link I found that includes a YouTube video on the technique of making it actually look like wood grain. Thanks, Monique! Door update Faux Finish: From Steel to Wood

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