Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Facebook: Social Networking and your blog!

Everybody knows social networking is one of the best ways to advertise your product or website. It's definitely pretty popular here in blog world. With that in mind, I have decided to finally start a Facebook page for my blog! As of today Journey of Grace's blog views are approximately 2700, most of which have all occured in the last couple of months since I started taking a stronger interest in my site. I am now investing extra time and effort in to increasing my blog views and following by finding new (to me) ways to put J-of-G out there! 

**Since we are on the subject, please Follow J-of-G on Blogger and Like me on Facebook, both of which can be easily accessed on the right hand side of my page!** 

If you are new to Blogger or just have not done this part yet, I'd like to share with you a couple of links that tell how I went about adding the Facebook features to my page. If you can handle the basic HTML concept of blogging, you can totally do this. 


Let's get started!!

This places a button at the bottom of each of your posts and allows readers to "Like" your post, linking it to their page similarly to how you would share a news article you've read via Facebook.

          *The steps are incredibly user friendly and easy to follow. Confession: I did not backup my template, but I do recommend you backup yours!

This allows you to place code in your blog column where readers can readily "Like" your official Facebook Fan Page without leaving your blog!

           *Once again, incredibly user friendly steps to follow. One tiny hint, when you go in to the Facebook Like Box Creator Page make sure you have a good idea of what dimensions will fit in whatever column you want the box to go in. You will type in your own before it creates the code for you.

There you have it! Adding extra widgets and goodies to your blog may require some rearranging of your columns. Obviously when you arranged everything previously it wasn't built for a Facebook box so make sure you get it looking the way you want it before you save the arrangement. 

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~ Lisa ~ 

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