Monday, January 9, 2012

Simple Baked Chicken w/ Veggies

The other night I was at a loss over what to cook for dinner. The fridge is kind of bare right now, haven't gone grocery shopping and we used up a lot of our cheese (bummer, we love cheese). So off the top of my head I made a super easy baked chicken meal! This is no gourmet meal or fancy feast but it was delicious for a last minute dinner.


What you'll need:
~ 1lb Boneless skinless chicken breast halves
~ 1 pkg of frozen stew veggies (Kroger brand, I don't have the packaging anymore but for the stove-top it called for 2 cups of water. I think it only comes in one size bag anyway but just in case...)
~ 1 can chicken broth + 1 can water
~ Olive oil
~ Pepper
~ (I also used Tastefully Simple brand Seasoned Salt but that's optional of course... you can use any seasonings you prefer on your chicken!)

Preheat oven to 360 degrees. Season chicken with pepper and whatever other seasonings you'd like. I didn't really measure out the olive oil but I'm thinking about 2tbsp for 2 pieces of chicken is what I did. Rub the chicken on both sides with the oil. HINT: A good way to do it is just dump a little oil in your hand and start rubbing. If you need more, use more. Place chicken in your oven dish. 

Now let's do the veggies: Pour 1 14oz can of chicken broth + a can of water in to a stock pot. Bring to a boil, follow package directions of veggies (cooks for approx 25 minutes)

Back to the chicken: I opted to cover my with foil because I wanted to make sure it stayed juicy and didn't dry out. Cook for about 15 minutes, remove foil, place back in oven and continue to cook another 10-15 minutes or until done.

Add any other seasonings you'd like or even a little butter.
Serve and enjoy!

**This was a big hit for us which amazed me given it's spontaneity and easiness! The broth adds flavor to the veggies but by halfing with the water it is not too overwhelming. Covering the chicken with foil early on allowed the chicken to "roast" and then uncovering it for the last bit made the outside crisp up just a tiny bit.**


  1. Do you think this could be a freezer meal? I got a really great deal on the bagged veggies this week for 98cents!

    I was thinking of putting it all into a baggie, with chicken, but was at a total loss as to what spices to add...or should I put them in freezer safe baking dishes with all the broth?

    See I'm lost! :)

  2. That's a good question! I'm not a big freezer meal person but I'm thinking maybe put them all in their own bag, like broth in one, veggies in another, chicken in the other? It may work ok putting the broth and veggies all in one bag that way you can just dump the whole bag in to a sauce pan and reheat it that way. Once the sauce it reheated pour some over the chicken to juice it up a little then reheat it that way it doesn't dry out. That's my two cents lol, hope it helps a little!

  3. Oh yeah and seasonings.. try lemon pepper! That's always a great chicken seasoning. I wish I had some but I always forget to buy it!

  4. Sounds like a plan!
    I'm thinking of throwing the chicken into the crock one day with seasonings and broth....When its done cooling it, adding it to the veggies and throwing it in baggies that way??
    So much thought going into one little dish ...I'm in trouble ;)


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