Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clearance Maternity Dress Conversion

About 3 years ago I needed to purchase an outfit to wear at Thanksgiving. The cutest thing I could find was a maternity dress at Target. My daughter was a year old at this point so maternity wasn't a very accurate term for me, but it fit and best of all?! I paid like $11 for it!


You can tell it slightly droops in the front to make up for preggo ladies and their cute bellies. I have worn it occasionally since I purchased it but with the long sleeves, even though they are sheer, it made it difficult to wear during the hotter months. The whole dress is a sheer material with a black slip underneath to cover the important parts. 

Today while going through my closet I found it shoved way back in the back and thought how I'd love to wear it now that I'm actually pregnant, but ugh the sleeves! Duh, I own a sewing machine and a pair of scissors so surely I can fix it. I took about 10 minutes of time, cut the sleeves off leaving about 1/2 in of fabric to fold under for a clean edge, then sewed all the way around the arm holes to get a super cute summer sleeveless maternity dress!

My husband was still at work so I had to set up the tripod and get these pictures. I feel as if I have some sort of smirk on my face?? I promise I'm happy though!


Then my little girl had to join me... 

Have to say I think it looks much much better on the intended consumer (someone who is actually pregnant) AND sleeveless!



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