Saturday, July 9, 2011

Litter Box Cover

This project was interesting, mostly because I didn't really know how I wanted to do it. We have a covered litter box but they aren't very attractive, and when you have a small house and a set-up like mine, there really is nowhere to hide it so our litter box always sat out in the open. 


I currently keep it in the extra room where all of my sewing stuff is because I don't like to have litter boxes right near where people will often be.
(like in bedrooms or living rooms) I do my best to tuck it away.

The way I have my extra room set up now, there is no tucking it away. It's directly ahead of you on the outside wall when you walk in to the bedroom. At least now you see a box-like thingamajig instead of an ugly blue litter box...


It was pretty simple, too! I was surprised! Basically I measured height, width and depth and cut out my fabric:

~3 pieces 19in tall by 22in deep - The box measured about 18in tall and 21 or so inches deep. You want a little extra for seam allowance. These pieces make up the 2 sides and the top.
~1 piece 19 in by 19in - This piece will make up the back side to bring it all together. I chose to leave the front side completely open. You may opt to make an additional 19x19 piece and cut out a flap. That's up to you and your feline friend!

Then you just pin everything together inside out. 

I chose to sew the seams after I pinned it all together that way I wouldn't get myself too confused about what side was what. It did make it a little awkward but at least I knew what side I was working with.  

Just beware of evil skin-grabbing straight pins ;)

Once it was completely sewn I took a piece of foam poster board that I had leftover from my Fabric Bolts project. I cut it to the finished size of the top piece, fit it snug in there and used straight pins, maybe about 6, to attach the fabric around the board. 
(The pins are not poking out anywhere as I made sure they went parallel in to the board, not straight through.)

I love it because it's so easy to take off and put back on so we can clean the litter box. I can simply pull my straight pins out and wash it if need be, and plus it doesn't look like a litter box!

Be Inspired!

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