Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Help! Link Parties, Facebook & More!

I really have so much to share yet so little to help me share it! No photos, no amazing before and afters yet... just in the process of everything. That's frustrating to me because usually when I start a project I desperately want it finished like ASAP, but with so much going on I'm having to take things slower which is ok.. I think I can manage!

***First off!*** 
I am going for 40 new friends over on my Facebook page by Friday!! You can find the link to that in the right hand column. Small goals, but it's still a very new page and I'm trying to spread the word! It's a good way to stay connected to you if you don't have a Blogger to follow me on! 
Help me reach my goal by sharing my page with your friends :)

On to what is going on with the DIY fun:

- I have no new photos to share with you on my extra room progress :( We have ripped up the carpet and padding (G-R-O-S-S). My husband has cleaned the subfloor (PHEW!!) and is currently pulling up staples and such in preparation for underlayment and then the laminate, eee!

- No updates in relation to my hallway project I have been trying to complete for a couple weeks (thanks a lot crummy weather!). I did spray paint some but that was last week, then it started raining.

- January 31st is the end date to my clutter challenge with the extra room, hence all the flooring work we are doing right now. I'm sure you might recall my post: Oh no, I'm Really Embarrassed that is linked up to the 

Lovely Crafty Home

Yeah, it's embarrassing. I won't deny that!

 I do believe this post will be out by Friday night assuming we get all the flooring laid & I can get the room organized the way I want it by then. Technically I have until the 31st so I guess I should quit rushing myself to get it out sooner, huh?!

- I linked up at my friend's page Hidden Treasures, her first Link Party!. It's a great blog for mom and women needing good Christian inspiration and she has many household tips & tricks! I also believe she just started selling homemade natural scrubs, lip balms and other goodies!
She is doing a Warming Up Winter link party where you can go share your recipes and different ways you keep warm when it's chilly outside!

And Finally...
What I'm HOPING to do is my first giveaway via the

It will be in relation to something neat I plan on sharing with you on February 13th, just in time for Valentine's Day! I'm sending up prayers that Lord willing and all goes as planned, I can share the news with you then and start the giveaway on February 15th! Trust me, you won't wanna miss it and it will really put a crazy new spin on some of the fun projects I'm planning on doing around the house! 


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