Friday, January 20, 2012

IKEA Hackers, Loft Beds - More Tribute to Jaiden

Tonight while cruising Pinterest I ran across an absolutely awesome idea for a loft bed ladder. This person needed to find a better solution to the ladder that came with her loft bed because her young children could not climb up it. Instead they used an IKEA Trofast unit, attached it to the bed, added railing, and voila! New safe ladder PLUS extra storage :)


BUT the coolest part is not just that link but the SITE itself! IKEA Hackers! Ok, I'll be brutally honest. I have NEVER been inside an IKEA store before. the closest one is in Cincinatti which is a little over 2hrs from me. Never really had a need to go and the drive wasn't worth it for me to maybe, maybe not buy something. However my sister typically buys me things from there because she's pretty awesome like that ;)

We have decided when we do Jaiden's room (Remember my post A Little Girl's Dream Room?) we are not going to redo the crib. Instead we want to buy her a loft bed! I decided the other night a loft bed would be MUCH more practical and will fall right in to place with our small, space challenged home. IKEA so happens to have a neat one that is reversible... how cool!

It's lower than I imagined but I think it will work. We will just have to wait and see. With a coat of paint it could truly be perfect.

My husband wants to try a playhouse idea if we can... something like this cool bed I found via Pinterest:


I still wish to accomplish the idea of a stage in her room with a dress up area and such, but right now I am working out a few space dilemmas... I'm finding out I may end up with more unexpected furniture in her room than originally thought.

Nonetheless, I hope this has given YOU some neat ideas and opened your creative minds to something you never thought possible!

I'll leave you with an even more extravagant idea for those of you looking for extreme space solutions for multiple children, featured over at DIY Show Off today:




  1. LOVE the purple doll house one!! It's perfect!! I want it for myself! I could read or sneak chocolate in there and no one would know!! =D

  2. I would love to get a loft bed for my son. We have the Trofast unit now for storage and found my son standing at the top of it the other day. It's not that high up, but it still scared me. Good luck finding your bed. I love the one you found on Pinterest. So cute for a little girl.


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