Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sewing To-Do List

We are a couple of days in to the 3rd trimester chugging right along! 


July is my busy calendar month and August is my planned prep-for-baby month. While writing it down I realized there's quite a bit to do in the sewing department for Maddox, so I want to make a list not only to help ME out, but maybe to help other mommas out who may be interested in making some baby & momma goodies!

1.) Make a personalized onsie for a Onsie Exchange in my September due date Facebook group!  DONE!!

**Infant Tulle Tutu**

I've been given a few tidbits of information about my randomly picked person so that I can try and create something for her baby that will be special! I'm excited about this. I put this first because I have to have it shipped by August 6th, so I really need to start working on it SOON! Just in case my person happens to read my blog I won't give ideas away yet, but I definitely plan to post the final product once she receives it!

2.) Cloth diaper inserts DONE!

I still have a lot to make. I need to do plain ol' microfiber for my pocket diapers, more fleece/microfiber, possibly Bamboo fleece, and even recently learned that minky is a great material used for inserts. You can check out the inserts I have already made HERE!

3.) Cloth diaper wet bag DONE! (still need to create and link a post)

I guess I could buy one, and I know people have said they use just a gallon baggie but I really wanna take a stab at making my own wet bag. HERE is a link to one by Little Birdie Secrets that has given me some great tips to get started!

4.) Hooded bath towels

I may succeed (or fail) at only making one, or I may enjoy doing it and end up making a whole slew... who knows with me! Every project is so different I just never know if I'll like doing it or not until I do it. HERE is my inspiration from Blissful Sewing. She has a PDF file for specifically a hooded blanket, but if you change up the material, you have a bath towel :)

5.) Baby wipes DONE! (still need to create and link post)

Since we are cloth diapering, why not do cloth wipes? It can't possibly make too much of an impact on the laundry we'll already be doing, and it'll definitely make even less of an impact on the environment.  have found a few tutorials during my research. Many suggest using old knit t-shirts cut up. I totally have a stash of those in my sewing room. Check!! Flannel makes another great wipes material (check out THIS cute tutorial by Sewing Much 2 Luv). I've also seen folks make them with terry cloth.

6.) Moby wrap DONE!

**Moby Wraps & Ring Sling!**

I have wanted one of these since I found the tutorial last year during our 2nd pregnancy. It looks so cool and simple! I just can't bear the thought of paying $45-$60 on the real deal when I can so easily buy the fabric on sale and do it myself, then if I don't like it... oh well, lots of knit fabric for other projects! A Load of Craft has 2 wonderful tutorials (HERE is one of them) plus videos to help you learn how to properly wrap it with baby!

7.) Big Sister/Little Brother shirt and onesie for Jaiden and Maddox

These are so popular on Pinterest and a billion people on Etsy make them, so to be the rebellious and frugal momma I am, I will so make these and make them rock! Ok, I HOPE I will make them and make them rock. I hope.... :p

8.) Car seat blanket cover

Maddox will be here mid September so around that time we can expect the weather to be in its changing period. It's hard to predict around here but either way we'll have a new baby in the warm AND cold months so I want to do what I can to help protect little guy from the elements. Workman Family has THIS tutorial to get me headed in the right direction!

Ooo, on to Mommy things now!!

9.) Delivery gown DONE! (I simply took this Target clearance maternity dress, lopped off the length just above the knee and hemmed the bottom edges... still need to create that link!)

Mr. Maddox will probably be the last baby for us. Lord knows I love being pregnant and wish I could raise a huge family, but my husband and I have agreed that 2 is where we stop (until years down the road when I'm itching to get pregnant again.. I can already see it lol) My daughter was a voluntary induction with a few hours laid up in the hospital bed, then an epidural, about an hour of pushing and voila! It was beautiful, absolutely would not trade it for anything in the world... but this time I would like to experience labor come on naturally, walk around and work my way through it, scream bloody murder because I refused an epidural, and have a baby that I feel nearly killed me in the birthing process. Instead of looking like a hospital patient in the ugly drapes they provide, why not look like a hospital...not-patient-in-ugly-drapes?! Yeaaaah... That being said, I have decided that I would like to make myself a comfortable and cute delivery gown. Now, my luck things will go the exact opposite or happen so quickly I'll never get to wear it, but I still wanna make it :) 

HERE is one idea by Pretty Pushers of what style to make. I have seen different styles sold on Etsy that literally look like a hospital gown but obviously much more cute and customized, wrap skirts, long maxi-like dresses and such. I'm still not 100% sure what style I will do... it depends on what I have in-stock or what I find in-store for cheap that I can alter.

10.) Nursing pads

My hope is to have a successful nursing relationship with my son just as I did with my daughter (although she and I struggled a bit at first). I have a decent stash of the disposable nursing pads, a nursing necessity, in my hall closet I purchased with last year's Flex Spending Account funds. There are probably between 4 and 5 months worth. Mostly Lansinoh, my favorite brand, and I believe a couple boxes of Medela brand which I have never tried. But of course as my trend seems to be around here, I want to see if I can make some reusable cloth nursing pads and make them work! With a little determination and a sewing machine you can search "nursing pads" on Etsy and get fabulous ideas on how to make your own. I'm still doing my research on these... so many fabrics to use and shapes to work with!

I believe that covers it for now. Maybe I have inspired you to try making some of these on your own?! Or maybe I've reminded you of things you'd like to make and subsequently your baby prep to-do list has increased and you want to strangle me... either way! 



  1. I have a wet bag tutorial on my blog :
    It's pretty easy to make when you get the hang of it, I found my PUL at Joann's. They have cuter print now. I use ours for wet bathing suits and when my daughter had accident when she was potty training, they look great!


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